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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nicaragua 2011

Check out this link for pictures from our Nicaragua trip.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nicaragua 2011

Thursday, June 30:
Rice and black beans for breakfast! Packed up and left the hotel today! It was a great place and I will miss the coffee every morning! First stop, the clinic provided by El Shaddai ministries. Great location for anyone in Chinandega who cannot afford the hospital. They see 3000 people a month!
After our tour, we went to another feeding program in a barrio. We went to a small school in the barrio were the teachers are volunteer and the government pays them a stipend $30 a month. Teachers are mostly college students and do it for the love of teaching. They had 75 students in the small room. we gave them all the school supplies we had!
We walked down the street and witnessed to a man that accepted Christ! It was a blessing to see a father come to Christ and now be able to lead his family to Christ. We connected him to the church and pastor in the barrio.
The next house, found a 10 year old girl who had a severe infection on the leg. She needed medical attention immediately so we connected her to the clinic that we had just toured that morning. The doctor said that if she had not received medical attention when she did that they would have had to remove her leg. Her treatment to clear the infection will take 10 days and require 16 injections! We decided to cover the cost because they couldn't even afford .50 cents for the taxi. It a small price to pay to save a life and I'm glad the little girl will be ok now.
Lunch was the best today of all in my opinion. We had fried chicken, black beans and rice, something like a potato, fried plantains, a special thing I call crunchy rice. It's the fried, brown rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan. After we ate, we said goodbye to our cooks and hosts for feeding us and providing for us all week.
We hit the road for a 2 hour bus ride back to Managua. About 30 minutes out of Managua, we had 2 flat tires! So that's 4 so far this week! But we arrived safely for supper and everyone just loves the new guest mission house we are staying in. It has a wonderful homey feel and great accommodations.
Tonight has been relaxing for the team, but tomorrow holds new challenges. We will visit a special needs orphanage. In the morning, eat lunch at Pizza Hut, and visit a barrio in the afternoon. We have black plastic to cover 20 roofs and we will plant a fruit tree at these homes. Tomorrow is our last ministry day and the team is doing great! Continue prayers! Check my fb page for pictures!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wednesday June 29:
Breakfast was French toast and a slice of bacon! Great way to start the day! We headed to the second feeding location at 8:30. When we arrived, the food was ready to be cut and prepped for cooking. Some kids were already coming with their bowls or whatever they had to carry the soup. As we finished preparing the food, the team arrived from the radio station. We split into two teams and walked through the barrio (community) so we could witness and pray for families. We met a man who was cooking bananas into a sugary candy treat. Look on my facebook page for the picture. He cooked items like this to sell on the street. It's the way he earns money to provide for his family.
Along the way we were met by a tv crew from the local station covering our activities. It was nice to see them doing a story on Gods ministry in their community. After walking the neighborhood, we returned to serve the soup. We fed 200 people and ran out of food, turning some people away. It's hard to have to do but only a certain amount can be prepared each day.
Each day we returned to pastors house for lunch and supper. We have been treated with great hospitality and generosity by the nicaraguan people. It feels strange to walk into someone's house each day and just start eating food but it's always good and plenty of it! Tonight we had one of my favorite sides, plantains!
After lunch some men went back to the construction site which where we will do the third and finally feeding program on Thursday. The women went back to get ready for the prostitutes conference. This was a opportunity to help women who had been involved wight prostitution and was seeking to be delivered from this lifestyle. Many women were blessed by this conference!
After lunch, mark and I went to the tv station to do a broadcast designed for a teenager audience. It was a great chance for me to speak on issues that teens face. It lasted about an hour and then I turned around and did a radio program for an hour. I spoke on the need for fathers to love their wives as Christ love the church. It went well and I was able to pray for people who called in with prayer requests.
After supper, went to the town of Corinto, on the coast. It was about 15 minutes from Chinandega. We led a worship service in a church. When we arrived they had already started worshipping. As soon as we came in we noticed a bat was flying around inside! Sometimes it would lite onto something and rest but other times throughout the service, it flew around, swooping down over our heads! It caused quit the distraction but it didn't stop the Lord from touching people's lives. Julie sang, Brandon and Jim gave testimonies. They did a wonderful job! Tony preached the message and allowed the Lord to use him is an awesome way! Many people came forward for prayer and our team was able to pray with them as they came forward. I am super proud of this team of missionaries from PSBC! Everyone is working hard and allowing God to use them in many ways to accomplish mighty things!
We returned at the hotel to debrief the day and prepare for tomorrow (Thursday). We will check out after lunch and return to Managua tomorrow night. I might not have wifi so this could be my last blog. We are preparing to say goodby to our friends here and our translators.
In Managua we will be staying at a mission house. On Friday we will be going to a special needs orphanage in the morning and going to repair roofs with plastic on Friday afternoon. Saturday is a sight seeing day. Sunday we worship and preach in an English speaking church and fly home that afternoon! We should arrive in Atlanta by 7 pm. Continue to pray for God to work through us as we continue on this trip!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nicaragua 2011

Tuesday, June 28:
7 am breakfast at the wonderful hotel was eggs and ham with toast. The coffee is awesome! Left the hotel to do the radio interview. Julie sang in Spanish and gave testimony along with Nancy and Shirley. I prayed and we left. We met up with the other team members at the feeding program. Some were cutting and preparing the food. Others were going house to house to witness and pray for people. I joined in with the witnessing team. We saw heart-breaking stuff that words can't describe. We prayed for God to bless the people. Some received Christ!
After the feeding program, we ate and returned to the room to prepare for the evening service as the construction team went back out. We all rejoined for supper. We ate spaghetti with meat balls and veggies! It was great! After supper went to the circus but it really wasn't like our circus. This was a traveling team spreading hope and love to people. They performed entertainment acts and sang. Afterwards, I presented the Gospel and we returned to the hotel.
It's been a great day! The team is doing great. Everyone is working hard and enjoying the trip! Tomorrow we go to another location to feed more people and witness. We anticipate the Lord doing mighty things in all that we do! Keep praying!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nicaraga 2011

Monday, June 27:
Awake at 5 am! Breakfast at 6. Arrive at airport at 7. Sitting at my gate by 8 am! Plane leaves at 10. Everything is going smooth. The only thing not going well is the tsa took my peanut butter in the security line! Apparently peanut butter cannot even be in your checked baggage. We arrive in Managua in 3 hours and gather all the luggage. Pile onto a small bus and head to lunch! Pizza Hut! Hit the road to Chinandega and 1 hour into the bus ride, the second blown tire in as many days. Not sure what God is protecting us from but we know that ministry can happen during these kinds of things.
We arrived in Chinandega about 6 or 6:30. Ate supper at the pastors house. We have a very nice meal: rice, veggies,mashed potatoes, and beef. Loved it! The circus was changed to tomorrow night!
We arrived at the hotel, which is great, and quickly prepared to go to the radio/tv station to share about the mission this week. I got to preach and pray for people calling in. It was a great opportunity to see how God is using this ministry.
We are very tired so I'm sure this blog is poorly written. Tomorrow, we will begin construction, feeding program, radio station, circus, woman's ministry to prostitutes, and door to door evangelism as well as a church service at night. Pray for strength, safety, weather, and people to come to know Christ!

More tomorrow Lord willing!